Sessa Marine




Sessa was founded in 1958 by engineer Camillo Braga, one of the first engineers in Italy to use plastics for industrial use in various industries.

It was in 1968 that his daughter Raffaella Braga Radice, representative of the second generation, led the company into the marine industry by attending the first Boat Show in Genova.

In 2008 she was awarded the title of 'Cavaliere del lavoro', the highest honour recognized by the Italian law to an entrepreneur.

With the third generation, represented by Massimo, Francesca and Riccardo, the company strengthened its reputation globally. The product range was expanded to 21 mt.; branches in America and Brazil led the company to take on more and more international connotations.

The history of Sessa Marine is a perfect example of the Italian entrepreneurial culture, where entrepreneurship and technological approach allowed the company to achieve excellence.

Sessa Marine now offers three top quality lines of open and fly vessels measuring from 18 to 68 feet.

Recognized for features such as dynamism and innovation, Sessa Marine conceives and realizes exclusive boats that combine design and technology, quality and style, without ever losing sight of its ultimate goal: producing "emotions" to anyone owning a SESSA.

With over 20,000 boats produced, the brand boasts dealers all over the world, supported by a network of highly prepared "Service Point" distributed throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Americas.




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