This is a 40-year evolution. We invite you to share and profit from our 40 years of boat living and building. We openly share our evolution with you; from the design and engineering to the distribution leading up to where we are today. Our first center consoles were literally 'firsts' in many ways.

First offshore hulls to use Kevlar. First center consoles to fish against the traditional sport fish inboard boats in the offshore tournament circuits. First with high horsepower ratings and huge fuel capacities to be coast guard approved. Seaworthy, light, fast, best ride on the water - these were our battle cries.

We've always been known for 'No Compromises.'

Our livewell flows keep baits alive and frisky, insulating fish boxes, rod holder placements, engine centers, toe rails, precise rigging and wiring, installing electronics and delivering a turn key package. In the last four years we realized we had been more concerned with the comfort of our bait and catch than our customers. Our bait and fish were riding in insulated cool compartments while our customers were sitting on beanbag chairs.

That brings us to the 'now'... While still keeping all the angling appointments correct and the balance and ride correct we now concentrate on our customers comforts: styling, dive doors and the sleek look of our current models. The results are obvious to see and feel in the most thought-out, beautifully finished, most comfortable angling correct boats in our 40 year evolution. We can tournament fish on Saturday, then cruise with our families on Sunday ----- perfect.





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