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What Makes Hurricane Deck Boats the Best in the World?

Decades of experience listening to our customers, honing our designs, and fine-tuning our construction...we've perfected the finest multi-use, multi-generational boat on the water today. Industry Leaders We pioneered the deck boat business in 1974 and continue to lead the market as the number one selling deck boat in the world.


We only build deck boats. It's all we do, and we do it well. Safety It's not just a legend. We feel Hurricane Boats are the safest recreational boats on the water, and built with your family in mind.

Plush Comfort

Our multi-density foam with triple-needle stitched vinyl seating is deeper, higher from the floor and taller at the back rest, bow and stern boarding so you can enjoy the most comfort when you're in it for the long haul.

Interior Space

Up to 50% more seating and storage means more friends, more gear and more fun.

Self-Bailing Cockpits

Our self-bailing system keeps your cockpit - and everything in it - dry and comfortable.

Resale Value

Our resale value is comfortably high to give you peace of mind that you've made a sound financial decision for your family.


Our exclusive FunDecks outperform triple tubes three to one and give you better fuel economy, better banking and handling, and less drag for superior performance from smaller outboards.


Our wide-body hulls - from bow to stern - ensure better stability, better performance and a better overall ride.


Every Hurricane we build is equipped to cruise, fish and ski, giving you incredible value - all in one boat.

Experienced Dealer Network

Our dealers average over 20 years of experience selling Hurricane boats. They know our boats and how they stack up to the competition. Stop in today and let your local dealer show you why Hurricane is number one.




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