1989, following the consumer success of the WaveRunner line, and as the Yamaha brand captivated a whole new audience on the water, Yamaha engineers began to explore the feasibility of creating even more exciting and memorable experiences for our customers on the water through new, innovative product offerings.

The success of jet drive systems in WaveRunners drove Yamaha engineers to explore the possibility of a larger product, a boat, around that same technology.

Three engineers in Japan started work on the first prototype boat models. This included Hirofumi Imaeda, who had experience designing outboard engines, Tomoyoshi Koyanagi, who had deep experience designing WaveRunners, and Yoshiyuki Kaneko, who created prototypes of four passenger WaveRunner models.

At that time, 50 horsepower was the most powerful Yamaha engine that could be used in a boat application but it was not powerful enough for a 20-foot jet boat. It was then that Yamaha began to envision its boats with twin engines.





Country of origin:

Georgia, USA